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Vodka Roulette Drinking Game

Vodka Roulette is a great way to get the party started….a simple but fun game..  You will need a bottle of vodka, a jug of water and at least 2 shot glasses.  Best played with 4 or more people.  You can also substitute Vodka for any strong clear spirit.

Game Instructions

Quicker Game:

For the quick game you will need as many shot glasses as there are people.  Pour shots of water into 4 out of every 5 glasses, with the fifth being Vodka.  Randomly hand out the drinks to everyone instructing them not to smell or taste it.

Once everyone has a drink, everyone drinks together with 1 person in 5 getting the vodka!

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There are 2 versions of this game.  The standard version and the quicker version which is more suitable for bigger parties or if you have less time.

Standard Game:

The game is played with 3 people (2 drinkers and 1 guesser) at a time with a fourth person as the “Bartender” .  

The Bartender pours (out of sight of the other players) 2 shots; 1 vodka and 1 water.

The bartender hands 1 shot (randomly) to each drinker.  The 2 drinkers both drink their shots at the same time in front of the guesser.  The Guesser then has to state who they think drank the Vodka.  The Guesser can only use the Drinkers facial expressions to guess, they can not ask questions or smell the Drinkers breath.

If the guesser correctly identifies who drank the vodka the game moves onto 3 new players.  If the guesser fails to identify who drank the vodka, the Guesser has to drink a shot of vodka as a forfeit.  The game then moves onto 3 new players.