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You will need to nominate at least one judge if you have a butler you could nominate them the judge, although its probably more fun to use the butler in a different role!  Like in the photo above where our butler Flavien is getting all dressed for the big day!

Split in to small teams, you will need a model for each team; the bride  (to be)will be one model then pick another for the other team(s).   We would recommend using the butler(s) as models!

The teams then have 10 minutes to make a wedding dress for your models out of the toilet paper.  You can be as creative as like, and don’t forget the attention to detail!  How about a wedding ring made of toilet paper,  a nice pair of bridal shoes, a long train, a bouquet of flowers, a tiara or even a veil!

After the 10 minutes are up the models from each team get the chance to “strut their stuff” on the catwalk.  To make it more fun and to test the durability of the wedding dresses we recommend a full room length walk,, turn and then back to the start.

The judge then chooses the winning team!  You can add bonus rounds or prizes for various criteria if you want to get really serious!  For example here are just a few ideas; best design, most durable, sexiest outfit, attention to detail and best catwalk!

For added spice the losing team(s) carries out a dare.  The dares can be decided before the outfits are made as agreed by everyone or chosen by the winning team.  For some great dares, just visit the dares page.

“Test your creative side with this hands-on hen party game”

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

The toilet paper wedding dress game is a fun hen party game where you put your creative side to the test!

You will need…

Toilets Rolls (How many? At least 3 loo rolls per team)


Optional  Extras:

Tin Foil


Players: 4 or more

Aim:  To dress your model in the best possible wedding dress you can make out of just toilet paper and sellotape!

Flavien Wedding Dress Game