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I love my pig!

I love my pig is a fun party game to help break the ice and get everyone to know each other a little better!  Great to play at a hen party or any other fun filled get together.

You will need.

Any small household object (like a champagne cork) or even better either a child's toy pig or a print out of a pig. (Like the one on this page!)  This will be your Pig.

At least 3 players - preferably more

How to Play...

Using the little cardboard piggy... Have the group form a circle.  You should start the game and say “This is my pig, I love my pig, I kiss my pig on it's xxxxxxxx” (replacing xxxxxxx with a body part of your choice) , kiss the pig and pass it on to the person to your right.   

The next person must say the same words “This is my pig, I love my pig...etc) but change the body part.  They too kiss the pig and pass it on to their right.  Everyone in the circle has a go and everyone must say a different body-part.

Anyone who fails to say the words correctly or who repeats the body part must do a shot or a dare....

...the twist...

Once everyone has had a go the piggy will be back with the person that started the game (you!) and you now reveal the twist.  In round two of the game we don't use the cardboard piggy we use the person to our right as our piggy and we kiss our piggys in the same place we said the first time round!

Top Tip! If you have a butler stand the butler next to the bride-to-be or other special guest!

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