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I have never drinking game (Never have I ever)

I have never is a brilliant game to play and find out a little more about each other. whilst enjoying a drink!

The drinking game can also be enjoyed with a soft drink for anyone not drinking alcohol!  The game is also known as “Never have I ever” and also “have you ever” its the same game just a different name!  There a few different rules but these are ours!

You will need.

Everyone will need a drink of their choice.

At least 3 players - preferably more

For everyone to play honestly! (It’s so much more fun that way!)

How to Play...

Form a rough circle with everyone seated.  One person starts and says “I have never ___________” replacing the blank with something they have never done.  You must be honest!  If anyone else has done that something then  they must stand up and  have a drink.  The game then passes to the next person who says  something they haven’t done before.

You are basically asking the group the question “have you ever…..”

Example statements (questions)…

You might say “I have never had a 1 night stand” and anyone that had  (had a one night stand ) would have to stand and drink!.

The game is great fun and you can try and play tactically by getting everyone drinking  or by revealing other peoples secrets!  The game is played typically with dirty questions (check out our list of suggestions below) but the game questions don’t even need to be about sex they could be anything at all, for example “I have never been to France”.

Optional Rules:

You can play the game with shots or you can agree on a set amount to drink every time you stand up but most people just have a sip every time they stand

Some Good Ideas for I have never! (Of course you can only use them if you haven’t done them!)

I have never …

Had a one night stand

Had a threesome

Been caught by my parents having sex

Kissed a girl

Had sex outdoors or in a public place

Had sex at work

Kissed my boss

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