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The Funny (Rude) Name Game

This is a great laugh!  It’s also a really good game to get the night started and the game runs all night even whilst your playing other games.

You will need.

A list of rude names.  We’ve started you off with a few tame ones below but feel free to make your own names up!

Either some blank stickers or plain paper and sticky tape.  We have made some labels ready to print just click here.

How to Play...

Write down the names below  (or make up your own) on to your stickers.  Give everyone at the party a new rude name.  It may be fun to let the bride to be or birthday girl hand out the names.

Everyone should wear their new name label & that is their name for the rest of the night.  If you don't call them by their new name you have to do a shot or a dare!  So listen out for people using the wrong names!!   This is a lot harder than it seems!

If you need dares or forfeits check out our dares page.

We've started you off with some tame names so use the blanks to make up your own!  The dirtier & funnier the better!!

The Names:

Horny Porny

Luscious Lips

Juicy Lips

Dirty Diva

Little Minx

Juicy Poodle

Pant Muncher

Tarty Pants

Foxy Lady

Pole Queen

Kinky Betty

Peachy Bum

Fanny Goharder

Kitty Spankalot

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Did you know….

You can print ready made name labels by following the instructions under “You will need..”