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Bride to be Secrets Revealed Game

Like a pub quiz but all the questions are about the bride!

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the bride and some things you probably never did!… Not one for a shy bride!

The Quiz Questions

Category 1 - The Wedding

1) How many bridesmaids is she having?

2) What colour are the bridesmaids dresses?

3) How many guests are coming to the wedding (closest answer wins)

4) What kind of Cake is she having?

5) Where are they going on the honeymoon?

Category 2 - Her Favourites

1) Male Film Star?

2) TV Programme?

3) Clothes Shop?

4) Dessert?

5) Song?

Category 3 - Sex Life!

1) What age did she lose her virginity?

2) How many lovers has she had?

3) Has she ever had a 1 night stand?

4) What is the craziest place she has ever had sex?

5) Does she own a vibrator?

Category 4 - The Couple

1) Where did they first meet?

2) How long have they been together?

3) How long were they together before they had sex?

4) Where did he pop the question?

5) How long have they been engaged?

Category 5 - Her Past

1) What secondary school did she go to?

2) When is her Birthday?

3) What was the name of her first boyfriend?

4) How many times did she take to pass her driving test?

5) What is her middle name?

Did you know….

You can print ready made scorecards and answer sheets for this quiz by following the instructions below the quiz.

Print out the Questions & as many score cards as you will need.  Click the  “print scorecards & answer sheets box to the right.  This will open the score cards and questions in a pdf file ready to print.

Ask the bride to answer the questions on the right in each category.  Have her record her answers on a blank scorecard.  Place this into an envelope for later. Remember the brides answers are final!

Split the group into small teams.  Have the butler or the bride read out the questions.  The teams write down their answers.  After all the questions have been asked the teams swap answer sheets.

The bride or butler read out the correct answers as the teams mark each others answer sheet.  The team with the most correct answers wins! Dares or shots for the losing teams!






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