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Terms and Conditions:  

When you make a booking with Buff Naked Butlers you agree to accept our booking Terms and Conditions as detailed below:

Booking confirmation:  

As our bookings are made over the telephone, there is a possibility that you or we could misinterpret what has been said.  We will confirm all details by email.  The email(s) will contain the venue address and postcode, the dates and time of booking, and other relevant information. You are required to carefully check these emails to ensure that all the information is correct.  If you find a mistake you are required to contact us as soon as is reasonably possible..  If you do not follow this procedure you may have deprived us the opportunity of taking prompt corrective action and any loss shall be your sole responsibility.

Address Details:

We will accept bookings without the complete address as this information is not always available at the time of booking.  We will need at-least a partial postcode or nearest major town & county (within 10 miles of the actual location).  We reserve the right to make an additional charge if the actual location is greater than 10 miles from the location provided at the time of quotation/booking.  The full address should be provided as soon as possible. 


A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Full payment must be received at least 10 days before your party. If the balance is not paid in time, we reserve the right to cancel the booking in its entirety & retain the deposit. We will inform you when your final payment is due, after this date if we receive no reply to our correspondence’s relating to the final payment we reserve the right to collect the final payment amount from the card used to pay the deposit.  

Modifications to your booking:  

In the event that you need to make any alteration to your booking (including, but not limited to, time changes, length of booking changes, venue change, date change & other amendments), We reserve the right to charge you any difference in rate change.  In the event that you wish to make a change to your booking, please inform us at your earliest convenience. We will endeavour to amend your booking as far as possible. However on some occasions this may not be possible.   For amendments made within 7 days of your booking, where we need to allocate a different butler to accommodate the change you may incur a charge of £20.

If you wish to reduce the length of your booking this may be possible and you would be charged in accordance with rate table below.  If in the rare instance your butler(s) is late for your booking, he should be able to make up this time at the end of the booking.  If for any reason this is not possible you will be refunded for any lost time - this will be in accordance with our current rates:

Cancellations and Refund Policy

Your deposit amount (20%) is non refundable.  As a gesture of goodwill we may be able to carry your deposit forward to a future booking.  If you cancel with more than 10 days notice any amount paid over the deposit amount is refundable.

Your Final payment is due 10 days before the party.  If you cancel with less than 10 days notice no refund will be offered.  As a gesture of goodwill 20% of your booking total may be carried forward to a future booking.  The remaining amount will be used to cover costs incurred ie butlers wages, opportunity and consequential losses etc

If we fail to provide the service you are entitled to a full refund plus 10 percent.  This is only applicable to confirmed bookings.

We will provide a copy of our terms and conditions at the time of purchase.

Queries and Complaints:  

If you have any other enquiries or complaints relating to your booking, please contact a member of team as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that your butler/s is late, the butler can usually make the time up and stay later, however if this is not the case and you wish to issue a complaint for loss of service time we should be informed no later than the following Thursday after your event, your failure to comply with this procedure could result in us being unable to investigate the problem and where possible rectify it.


Whilst we will make every effort to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable party, we reserve the right to state the following:
i)  We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property, including injury or death, caused through mis-use of drink or drugs and associated activities
ii) We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property or clothing, including injury, caused by negligent or reckless acts during the booking (please note our butlers often wear fake tan and/or body lotion and therefore this can sometimes mark light colour materials/clothing)
iii)  We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property whilst left outside your care and control during the booking.

Contact with the butler:

Please respect the butler(s) at all times.  The butler(s) will enter into the spirit of the party but any physical contact will be at the discretion of the butler(s), although intimate touching is prohibited.  The butlers apron is to remain in place at all times.  Lifting or removing of the butlers apron is not allowed.  In the event of the butlers apron being lifted or inappropriate touching the butler reserves the right to terminate the booking at that stage.  Any monies already paid at that point will be forfeited.

Other Notes:

The travel element charged on your booking is a fixed charge.  We estimate the travel charges at the time of quotation/booking based on the butlers we have that cover your area.  In some instances the butlers travel cost may be more or less than the amount paid, in this instance no extra charges will be applied nor will any refund be due.

Copyright and Trademarks:   

The copyright and all proprietary rights in the Site and all content are reserved by Buff Naked Butlers. The material contained within the Site is the property of Buff Naked Butlers or its affiliates unless identified as belonging to third parties. The name Buff Naked Butlers and any other marks, logos and graphics of Buff Naked Butlers displayed on the Site or within Buff Naked Butlers emails are registered trademarks of Buff Naked Butlers or its affiliates.

You are not granted any right or licence to use any trademarks


1.5 Hours

2 Hours

Additional Hours

1st Butler

£80 + Travel

£90 + Travel

£101 + Travel

2 Hour Rate + £31 per hr

Additional Butlers

£59 + Travel

£69 + Travel

£80 + Travel

2 Hour Rate + £30 per hr