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Hen Party Mr and Mrs Quiz Game Questions

Mr and Mrs is a great quiz game to play at a hen party!  Check out our 20 questions, but feel free to add your own or better yet make them personal to the couple.  Find out just how well the bride really knows the groom!

Sample Quiz

11) What did he say is your most annoying habit?

12) What do you find most annoying about him?

13) What is her shoe size?

14) What’s her favourite film?

15) Which animal would she be and why?

16) What animal would he be and why?

17) What is his favourite sexual position?

18) What did he say your favourite sexual position was?

19) Who did he say  “wears the trousers” in your relationship?

20) Would he rather have “arms for legs” or “legs for arms”?

How to Play...


Before the hen party ask the groom the questions above, record his answers and then ask the bride the questions on her hen night!

If your having a butler at your hen party why not get him to host the quiz and also spice it up a little - how about forfeits, dares or booby prizes for incorrect answers

1) Name 1 Thing he would save apart from you in a fire?

2) What is his favourite party of your body?

3 What did he say was the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

4) What's the most unusual place you have had sex?

5) Which Celebrity does he have a crush on?

6) Which Celebrity does he think you have a crush on?

7) What did he say you would prefer to be; 4ft tall or 7ft tall?

8) Where is his ideal holiday destination?

9) On his stag night would you rather he went to a strip club or got arrested?

10) What did he say your bra size is?

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